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…is a story with many feels packed in 10 minutes. An intelligent story about a lonely figure made of red balloons. The figure is surrounded by people who seem happy, but don´t notice him.

Greg Jardin and the Floating team have managed to turn the simplest of stories into a beautifully emotive and engaging film - all of which is emphasized by the seamless blend of carefully composed live action shots and CGI. Genius.

(via berniewatt)

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The Valley Of Dolls from Fritz Schumann via Colossal and The Verge.

Ayano Tsukimi (64) is living in Nagoro, a village in eastern Iya on Shikoku, one of the four main islands of Japan. Not many people are still living there. For those who die or move away, Ayano Tsukimi is making lifesized dolls in their liking and puts them in places that were important to them. The dolls are scattered around the whole valley.

She is married, but her husband and daughter are living away from her in Osaka. She’s living alone with her 83 year old father in the house of her family.