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"No Ad functions as a real-life form of the advertisement-blocking software that has become popular online. Open the app, hold your phone’s camera up to any advertisement in the subway system in New York City, look at the screen and the ad is replaced by a piece of art.
No Ad is curated by its creators, Jordan Seiler and Jowy Romano. Mr. Seiler, along with his partner at the Re+Public Lab, B. C. Biermann, developed the technology for the app, and Mr. Romano, who writes a blog about subway art in the city, helps choose which art will show up in place of advertisements. So far, No Ad relies mostly on the work of street artists the developers are acquainted with.
“As an advertising blocker, it functions pretty poorly,” Mr. Seiler acknowledged. “It’s more of a proof of concept, for once we’re wearing Google Glass or other kinds of virtual reality displays.”

via courrierinternational from newyorktimes-mtny 

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In the 1940s, every New York subway station had a tribute to the month’s Miss Subway, a contest for glamorous young female writers. Each poster had an image of the young beauty queen next to a description of their accomplishments and life dreams. The contest existed from 1941-1976, honoring over 200 brainy beauties.

New York artist Fiona Gardner began researching the competition and soon became obsessed, gathering clues about the ladies’ schools and occupations. Gardner eventually tracked down 40 Miss Subways winners across the country who were willing to be photographed and interviewed. “Meet Miss Subways” will collaborate the untold stories of these part-time beauty queens and who they grew up to become.