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ROA collaborates with TheSK8room and supports Skateistan
ROA has for the first time created 3 variations of limited edition skateboard decks for SK8room to support Skateistan! Each of the 3 decks are printed at 150 ex and are a limited edition of 125 signed in the deck boards and 25 hand signed decks.

The skate decks is available for sale only through:

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We love this gorgeous skate video shot with Kilian Martin — the butchest ballerina we’ve ever clapped eyes on — posted here just in time for Go Skateboarding Day, an international call to action and day of wildness in the streets. Join us tomorrow morning at 11am with board in hand for a free cup of French press from Stumptown at Ace Hotel New York before we set out on the streets to defile the principles of capitalism by riding skateboards all day and doing nothing else. In the evening, we’ll be at Tammany Hall for the NY GSD celebration with DJ sets and raffles for cool things. If you want to go RSVP so we know you’re coming.

In celebration, we’re launching our new skate deck with Shut NYC on our online shop, and a winsome t-shirt to boot.

See you on the streets.