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Little Planet Photos That Feature Rocket Launches, Air Shows, and Mars

Estonian photographer Andrew Bodrov of 360Pano has been shooting panoramic photographs for over a decade in countries around the world. His work even spans planets: last year he released an interactive panorama created using photos shot on Mars.

One of his interesting side projects is his Little Planets series, which features stereographic projections created using some pretty interesting source panoramas.

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Artist on Tumblr

Sophie Photographe | on Tumblr (France) - Les Animaux dans les rues de Paris

Sophie is a French photographer working in Paris. Since 2010, Sophie sticks her animal portraits in Paris, to create fun and intriguing situations. She thoroughly prepares each installation. The animal must find his place in space, the neighborhood, the street… A walking elephant, an owl landed on a cable, a giraffe coming out of the door… the images  are perfectly integrated into the detail of the urban environment. The city, architecture, and decor appear to the viewer along with the strange animal is distinguished… On the streets of Paris, Sophie works as “installation” ephemeral fusion between art and life. At the corner of an intersection, the art is meant to operate by surprise in everyday life. By altering the conditions of perception, awakening attention, the street becomes a decoration. And this moment of doubt the audience is part of the decor. Installations Sophie lead the public to question the process of contemplation in a particular non-formal context, and ephemeral. Sophie raises a fundamental question with humor: the place of animals in our society. Reposition their images in our daily lives is a militant act which suggests a little more to their condition of being alive. As if the animals came back to haunt our cities to see what we have made ​​these urban cities where we’ve driven them out…

Sophie’s Animals on the streets of Paris has been included as part of Centre Pompidou Hors pistes 2012 (ref. interview). © All images courtesy of the artist

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The Mind-Bending Architectural Illusions of Markus Studtmann

A fine art photographer based in Berlin, Markus Studtmann has carved out a stylish niche for himself: architectural illusions. In his work he takes apart the foundations of his subjects to find their true meaning, before re-building them up again into eye-catching new shapes. Via Illusion


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Prue Stent

From her series Pink

PRUE Stent is a 20 year old photographic student at RMIT University, Melbourne. The themes of her photography center around femininity and the struggle of identity in women. The color pink is used to represent femininity either physically or emotionally throughout her work.

Her Pink series conjures up feelings of feminine beauty. Stent uses the element of colour to question society’s standard of beauty; breasts, buttocks, and lips are slathered with pink paint; perhaps to illustrate these commodities are a woman’s own. Her images are dynamic, filled with movement.

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Jewels | Miki Hasegawa

My latest work explores the idea of maternal love. Is maternal love something all women possess? Do all women display maternal love when they bear a child? My maternal love changes its face ever minute. Sometimes it shows warm and selfless love—and then quickly changes to cold and possessing obsession. 

What is maternal love all about? When my daughter was sleeping, it was my daily routine to check often to make sure that she was breathing. The fear of losing her haunted me persistently. 

Perhaps it’s because of my difficult pregnancy. I experienced bleeding during the eighth week of my pregnancy, was hospitalized three times, and was eventually strapped to bed for ten months. She was delivered by Caesarean section. I never saw the umbilical cord that connected me to my daughter. 

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Facsimile Murat Germen

Cities may seem to grow only upwards, but they actually accommodate two different worlds: First being the obvious Überland, the city over the ground level; and the other Unterland, the underground. Even though soundly developed metropolises have a very intricate and large underground infrastructure, the most lived, experienced and perceived urban world appears to be the one above: Überland. Unterland is usually ignored, misperceived, underestimated and not particularly pleasing by many; since the times we spend in the Unterland is usually temporary and we do not reside there.”