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The Korean artist Jee Young Lee created an elaborate installation in her studio, in Seoul, using everyday materials—plywood, paper cups, straws—and handmade props. The constructed landscapes are her interpretations of personal experiences, dreams, and Korean folk tales. Take a look:

Top: “Reaching for the Stars”
Bottom: “I’ll Be Back”
All photographs by Jee Young Lee

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Grand Facade | Marlon de Azambuja | Via

Sometimes, all you need to create some magic is some magic markers. In a new series called Gran Fachada (“Grand Facade” in English), Madrid-based architect and designer Marlon de Azambuja works this marker magic on color photographs of famous museums around the world, from the Whitney to the Pompidou and the Tate Modern. Using a marker to black out sections of these images, he reveals fluorescent color-negative line drawings, which would probably look amazing as velvet black-light posters. Thin outlines of color expose where the contours of an architectural rendering would be, the intricacy of which approaches that of the buildings’ original blueprints.

(via notational)

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Peter Hoffman

'People,for now'

"People, For Now is a series of abstract portraits that explores our relationship with personal technology. With consideration to the idea that that direct human connections and spontaneous life moments are often subverted by a limited and structured set of algorithms, code and devices, the works start as digital photographs made in the tradition of street photography downtown Chicago. The final images are the result of an attempt to destroy, with partial lack of control, the technological structure that holds the image together by randomly manipulating the code that makes up the image file, and also through the use of digital collage that incorporates only elements found in the original file.”

More here:

Some of my new work - thanks for noticing SMBH. 

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My most popular post on Tumblr, which also went viral on the Internet and saw our pet hamster dubbed ‘The World’s Most Fashionable Hamster’ was this one- which was the result of my daughter and I being bored in the summer holidays and deciding to play a dress up game with our cream banded syrian, David Bowie.

Now, seeing as his name is David Bowie, and seeing how the original David Bowie is famed for his costume, how else could I follow up the original but by paying tribute to some of hamster Bowie’s namesakes various guises?!