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Love the ‘Rain’ multi-sensory lighting by design studio ilanel. Mixing sight and sound it invites touch and interaction.

Rain captures the shimmery sparkle of raindrops frozen in descent and voices a whimsy chime of flutes. Individual drops are visually quite subtle, but gain tremendous strength when multiplied and clustered in large groups.

A playful piece with the sleekness of a design classic that is suitable for residential and commercial use. For more information and Melbourne stocks visit

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Designed by Kent Frankovich, Adam Pettler and Jim Houk, Revolights uses thin LED strips that are magnetized to each rim and cast light down onto the ground in front and behind you. Currently just a prototype, the guys need your help over at their kickstarter to help fund it. So feel free to pitch in a few bucks if you want to ride this legit TRON bike. For the Users!

(via: technabob)