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An elaborate laser and fountain show anchored Friday night’s opening ceremony of Expo 2012 in the South Cholla province port city of Yeosu. “The Living Ocean and Coast” is the theme of the expo, which opened to the public Saturday and will run for three months. Click here for a look at some of the event’s aquarium exhibits and here for ticket information. More from the Korea Times.

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Eye-popping straw sculptures by Korean artist Sang Sik Hong, who exhibited three of his amazing pieces at last week’s Scope Art Fair in Miami.

He is represented by Patrajadas Contemporary in Philadelphia and they explain that:

“SangSik Hong’s fresh sculptures go beyond the limit of the materials; the images of lips may be interpreted as symbols of desire. Connecting such symbolized images and symbolic meanings (power and sex) reveals clearly that his interest is focused on human desires. Although every one desires power, only a few of people can have it. Power is the symbol of strength and the object for one’s wish since it accompanies many interests. Power is strong, scarce and heading toward eternity. However, the straw, contrary to the properties of power, is a weak structure, easily available to anyone for it is produced on a large scale and a disposable material.”

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Time Machine © Sung Soo Koo

After the great success of the first part of the exhibition New Photography in Korea II held in Paris in 2010, the Galerie Paris-Beijing is pleased to present the second part of this exhibition.

This ambitious title does not conceal an intention of…

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