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“Frame”Design by Nazar Şigaher from İstanbul

The hour and minute hands of Frame have frames made of material identical to that of hour and minute hands. The clock constantly changes its form as the hour and minute hands keep moving and take a given form twice a day only. Such constant change of form created by moving hour and minute hands give this clock a peculiarity that identifies with the concept of time.

(via referenceforww2)

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Check out this great little write up from Leah Robins of The Minimalist.

“Keeping in with the rise in popularity of an object for the home that is unique in some way, something that is specially made, locally made and not mass produced, Block Clocks are designed and carved by Such + Such’s trio of industrial designers.  Each clock is individually numbered and offered in locally found hard woods.

I am also loving their white oak stools and benches pictured below. Built for strength and longevity, these pieces are designed to age gracefully. The cross detail is a beautiful touch. This mirror by them is also fantastic.”

Thanks Leah!