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BBC News Today - ‘Batman’ pulled over by police in Maryland 2012 (di BBCNewsToday)

Come riporta anche il Post nell’articolo che accompagna il video In realtà l’uomo mascherato è un imprenditore americano di nome Lenny B. Robinson che ha detto di travestirsi sempre in questo modo per andare a visitare i bambini malati di cancro e altre malattie incurabili in un ospedale locale e farli divertire.” [fonte Il Post]

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The Adventures of Ordinary Batman by Sarah Johnson

It stands to reason that since Batman is kind of just a regular guy, the comics are kind of lax in portraying his more normal adventures. In her spare time, Sarah began doodling some of Bat’s more mundane capers, like fishing, riding a swing tire, and scooping up the poop of an adorbzable kitteh. A motion I propose to the Internets: this is all official canon now. If we all pretend hard enough, they’ll have to make it true, right?

Artist: tumblr / website

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Batman, I Am The Villain poster giveaway!

Celebrating the most infamous, and not-so infamous villains of the Batman rogue gallery, this poster contains over 600 of those villains, from Bane to The Weeper, and they can all be yours.

The rules, you ask? Well, they’re quite simple! All you have to do is reblog this post and follow me (if you aren’t already), and you’ll be entered to win. Regardless of notes/reblogs, three winners will be chosen at random, and each will receive this lovely new print! This contest is open to any and all, worldwide, so spread the word!

The contest will run now until Midnight, EST, next Monday. So, you all have until then to enter to win a chance to win! Don’t miss out!

Thank you to everyone who enters, and I wish you all the best of luck!

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