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'The Weight', 2013 - Adeline de Monseignat

“‘The Weight’ is a project for ‘Articulate’ show at Victoria Miro by Dramatic Need, a charity that helps children express themselves creatively to overcome past traumatic experiences. The brick wall is a monument to honour young Meine’s story.  Each carefully ‘clothed’ brick bears a word or two of her handwriting - “red and white like my school uniform”, she confesses over Skype.  Each row of bricks is a line of her text, the wall her testimony and foundation to a more solid future. 

Sold individually, each brick like a piece of a puzzle, a piece of her story, is to be passed on in order for the weight and word to be spread and shared. 

Sponsored by Brick Development Association, Tom Tailor, Can of Gas, MdeM and Nicolas Lavrov.”