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'Paris and the Unknown'  Summary (on behance

Photograph: jrangler

Animation: Yoyo The Ricecorpse (ME!)

First of all THANK YOU again for liking and following this project! Also thank you all for the kind comments and feedbacks!  

My personal favourite of the series is the smoking naked man blob with his magical rucksack! It just makes me laugh every time I look at his squinted eyes when he smokes. I nearly got carried away making smoke rings for him…lol

I settled with the series title ‘Paris and the Unknown’, as in this project ‘Paris’ stands for these B&W film photograph taken by Jrangler.  Photos of Paris. REAL photos of a REAL city.The ‘Unknown’ bit and bobs of it were left for me to explore and interpret. Up to me to create. 

The project had become slightly more challenging (but interesting) the moment I decided to bring these stills to life (it was supposed be just illustrations at first!). I think gif has that kind of magic where you see it move, you start to believe in it. It is as if I am creating a spell to take you all along with me over to another world. A world of peculiar and unknown.

I am still in search for a balance between Realisim and Surrealism. Playing with the idea that there might be things out there human eyes can’t see. (yes I believe in this stuff…)

*One of the hightlights for me was figuring out how to make realistic rain in animation!