Knitted skulls, by Hildur Bjarnadottir

” When I was four years old my mother taught me how to knit, crochet and sew. I was raised immersed in a textile environment. My mother was a knitting and sewing teacher, and I would constantly be knitting or making crafts.

One thing my mother did not teach me was to follow patterns; everything I made she had me design myself. The line between art and craft is hazy, and is based on context as well as concept.

In my art I explore this fine line between decorative, usable crafts and conceptual art. My work takes the focus from the usefulness and beauty that textiles are generally connected with and places it more on simple techniques and the inherent properties of the materials. I work with as well as against the materials and traditional textile rules.” – Hildur Bjarnadottir

(via artinspo)